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If you are looking for the best yet cheap prices among all removalist companies, we have what it takes. Our team of professional Removalists Brisbane crews are always on time with a quick response when needed, so get started today by filling out our quote form or calling us if any questions arise during the planning process.

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What is a good price for removalists in Brisbane?

Best Furniture Movers Brisbane

When looking for the best furniture removalist company, the price mainly depends on how many Brisbane movers you will need to move your items. A typical price quote from a professional removalist ranges anywhere between $60-$70 per half-hour, depending on volume and 2 highly skilled Removalist are needed to complete the move.

For larger moves requiring three Brisbane movers or more, an average cost is close to $100 per half hour. Expect this pricing among most Brisbane removalists and be wary of Removalists Brisbane offering less than this rate as they may not have the skills or the required truck size for your removals.

Our network of Brisbane Removalists

We understand that you have a lot on your plate, and we're here to make the removal process as easy as possible for you. Our removalists in Brisbane are some of the best in the removals business. So there's no need to second-guess which moving company you'll be using for your upcoming furniture removals.

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We offer a wide range of furniture removalist services to suit your specific removals and best of all we have cheap rates but great service!.

Furniture and House Movers Brisbane

House Removalist

We are here to help you with all your removal needs, no matter what city or state. Whether it be a local move in Brisbane or interstate relocation across Australia, we have cheap but great value service and will make sure there aren't any surprises along the way! Our skilled Removalists Brisbane team can also pack and unpack, which means less time spent doing menial tasks, so everyone gets more rest at night.

Office Removalists Brisbane

Office Removalist

We are a professional and reliable office Brisbane removal company. Whether you need local or interstate office removals, we have got your back! Our skilled Brisbane Removalists team will make sure that the move goes smoothly without any problems along the way- it's as simple as that!

Furniture Removals Brisbane

Furniture Removals

If you want to get your furniture moved quickly and easily, look no further. Our furniture removalists will handle all of your removal needs, big or small. As a result, you'll be able to find everything you need for your upcoming move with My Moovers. We also use heavy-duty removal blankets to protect your belongings, and if necessary, our furniture removalists can disassemble and reassemble the furniture at a great cheap rate.

Moving and Packing service Brisbane

Packing & Unpacking

Do you ever find yourself short for time? Then the Packing Team is available to assist you with all of your packing needs. Our Removalist team understand that moving can be a stressful experience, which is why our Removalist team can create a moving package that is tailored to your specific removal needs.

Removals Service By My Moovers in Brisbane queensland

Interstate Removalists Brisbane

Are you planning a move to a different state? Moving across state lines is more difficult than moving within the same city. For example, there are numerous considerations and arrangements to be made. So instead of trusting your possessions to just any Removalists Brisbane company, hire a reputable and well-trained interstate moving company.

Moving heavy items by best and cheap Movers

Moving Heavy Items

Moving heavy items is no easy feat. If you're looking to move a piano, pool table or other large furniture items for a free estimate, contact our expert Brisbane Removalists. They have the necessary experience and equipment to make your move as easy as possible!

Before you move, every Brisbane removalist wants you to know

What do removalists do?

With the help of professional removalists in Brisbane, moving can be stress-free! In addition to saving you the time and hassle of packing and moving, they can also help you save money. Professional moving companies have extensive experience in all aspects of removals, from packing and unpacking your entire home's contents, including artwork and kitchenware, to simply transporting your belongings to your new residence or workplace.

How much does it cost to move house in Brisbane?

Brisbane removalists' prices are influenced by a number of factors. When it comes to determining the final cost, loading and unloading the truck and the distance travelled by the removalist all play a significant role when moving companies quote you.
The amount of stuff you have, the ease of access you have, and any obstacles like multiple flights of stairs, steep driveways, or no parking in front of the building all play a role in how long it will take the workers. It's also important to keep in mind that if you have large or delicate items that require special attention (like plants, pool tables or antiques), this can slow a moving companies crew down.

Local moves by local movers in Brisbane typically cost $300 to $1,500 to hire professionals, while long-distance moves can cost anywhere from $2,400 to $5,000 to hire a moving company. Depending on the size, difficulty, and distance of the move, these prices can vary from moving company to moving company.

Do you tip removalists in Australia?

Australia has a rather vague social culture regarding how much or if one should be tipping. However, many people believe that since the Removalist did such an impeccable job with their move, they deserve some reward for all the hours spent moving their items. In the intense weather Brisbane Removalists have definitely earned every penny, so yes, if you want, let them know you appreciate them!

5 amazing ways to save on moving costs:

  1. Don't have the Removalists Brisbane crew pack and unpack your own belongings - do it yourself.
  2. Be sure to dismantle all of your furniture (including beds) by yourself before the Brisbane movers arrive.
  3. If possible, have your boxes moved to the ground floor or the garage to save the removalist the trouble of making multiple trips up and down the stairwell.
  4. Ensure that your property has easy access and parking for the furniture removalists.
  5. Carry any items that are difficult to transport, such as plants, in your own vehicle.

Read more about making your move easier

Give your removalist a heads-up about any obstacles or heavy, awkward items.

The best way to make sure that your move goes well is to be prepared and honest with your Brisbane removalists before the day of the move.
One way to do this is to tell the removalist in advance if you have any heavy or awkward items that need to be moved. This way, they can plan your removals accordingly. In this group are pianos, pool tables, and other big things that will likely need more furniture removalists to get them out the door.

The second thing you can do to make sure your move goes smoothly is to tell the moving company about any problems they might run into, like elevators, stairs, or parking rules. All of these things can make the removal more difficult and may need more planning and time.


The capital city of Queensland, Brisbane, is a bustling metropolis with the third most populous population in Australia. With over 1 million people calling it home, you're never too far from anything interesting or exciting!

The land area occupied by Greater Brisbane (15 842 sq km) makes it one of Australia's six largest cities.

When it comes to population and employment growth, Brisbane is one of the fastest-growing capital cities in the nation. The residents are young and skilled, well-educated, and of diverse backgrounds.

This beautiful Brisbane city has many things to offer. There are lush green parks and ancient forests, and great art galleries. Suppose you're looking for someplace more traditional. In that case, though, there's always plenty going on around, too, from excellent restaurants serving up local cuisine cooked by experts or wine cellars housing award-winning wines that will make your taste buds sing.

With these exciting and inspiring locations, you can discover the city in a whole new light. Whatever your preferences, there is an adventure waiting for you!

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  • When you hire our furniture removalist to move your furniture, we'll take it apart and put it back together again.
  • My Moovers offers the most affordable and cheap removalist services in the area.
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A Few Pointers for an Easy Move

Brisbane's climate is ideal for year-round outdoor activities, with bright, sunny days and crystal-clear skies. Even in the winter, you'll be ready to go outside and have fun; however, moving to or from Brisbane can be stressful, so here are some tips to keep your sanity during the process.

TIP #1: First, make a schedule

Having a strategy in place is the most effective means of reducing stress. Having a clear idea of what needs to be done and at what time will help you better manage your time and prioritise tasks before your furniture removalist crew arrives. A list might sound a little archaic, but it's a great way to get things done! Writing everything down will ensure that you don't forget anything that needs to be done before the Removalists Brisbane crew arrive.
As a matter of fact, creating a moving checklist is a good idea. This will help you keep track of everything that needs to be done in the days to come. It's also a good idea to figure out how long it will take to move your belongings.

Tip #2: Go through your belongings

Items in your home that you no longer want or need should be removed. Purging your belongings is a good way to start your moving process. First, go through your belongings and sort them into three piles: sell, donate, and keep. As a result, you'll have less to pack in the end!
Packing all of your belongings will take a significant amount of time and effort. If you can plan ahead of time, you will save time packing and less for the Removalists Brisbane crews to move.

Tip #3: Change your mailing address and cancel any existing services

Before moving, make sure you have changed your mailing address because you do not want to miss out on important letters once your Removalists Brisbane have settled you in at your new home. It is also a good idea to cancel any services that you may have. It will save you time on moving day if you take care of these things ahead of time.

Tip #4: Plan ahead of time and conduct research

When you're moving, the last thing you want is for an event like the Brisbane Marathon Festival crowds to disrupt your move and cause problems for the Movers Brisbane crew.
It's also a good idea to find out if your new neighbourhood has any social events planned that might attract people from all over town, especially on weekends.
Furthermore, the weather in Brisbane can be hot, so make sure you have plenty of sunscreen and a hat!
Furthermore, it is best to scope out these things for your Removalists in Brisbane so that you do not encounter any issues that will end up costing you more money.


We hope that moving is a smooth process for both you and your Brisbane movers. We've got all the answers in our FAQs, so if there's anything we didn't cover or answer to satisfaction, please feel free to reach out to our Removalists in Brisbane!

Which time of year is the best for a move?

If you're looking for a less crowded time of year to move, winter is a great option! Summer is the busiest time of year for removals, so if you need to relocate, make sure you book your moving date and movers in Brisbane well in advance.

What are the removalist's normal pick-up and delivery windows?

Our morning and afternoon moving slots begin at 7-8 a.m. and 1-2 p.m., respectively. Our schedule may, however, necessitate that we alter these times.

Do your Brisbane Removalists handle moves for customers who live in apartments or in difficult-to-reach areas?

My Moovers has a fleet of trucks and crews that can handle any removal challenge, including large items and winding staircases. It is best to inform our office staff of any pertinent information during the booking process. We'll make sure they're handled properly by someone who knows how to approach those tricky removals without causing any damage.

Are blankets used to protect furniture by a removalist standard practice?

Yes, heavy-duty blankets will be used to protect all of your furniture. Additional plastic protectors are also available for purchase for items like dining chairs, lounge suites, and various-sized beds.

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I had to move back to my hometown after a very long time. The thought of moving my entire life from Brisbane to Adelaide was so scary but movers took care of everything. Their transportation team handled all my belongings with utmost care. They were so polite and helpful, couldn’t have found better removalists on my own. Thank you so much.

My Moovers got me in touch with the best movers in all of Brisbane. The move ended well within the estimated time that was promised to us. All in all, this was a move that couldn't have been more smooth or efficient and I'm glad that I found these Removalists. I'd happily recommend their services to anyone looking for a trustworthy seamless experience.

Team is so great. They are very clear about the entire booking and communicate properly so that you are not worried or confused. The moving team was really good too. They worked as per my instructions and did not give me any reason to complain. I have never seen such an excellent service. Highly recommend to everyone

Removalists helped me find a great moving company in my area. I was moving to Brisbane from Blacktown. These guys were great at scheduling and communicating/answering questions. The movers arrived on time (masked) and were efficient at packing up everything. They placed all my furniture exactly where I asked them to and unpacked it even quicker at my new apartment.

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